ZRND-17 Golden Masochistic Host Shit Fighting Story 3

A few years ago, Satsuki had once trained a livestock person under the guidance of livestock hunter Asami Otsuka at the Female worship society that illuminates the darkness of the male-dominated world.
Even after many years have passed, that event still remains like a dream.
Unable to forget this, I contacted the Livestock Personnel Dispatch Center I found online and asked them to dispatch a livestock host.
A few hours later, the livestock host who visited Satsuki’s home was Ron, who had previously assaulted her.
Satsuki, who has awakened to her S tendencies even more than before, suffocates her body with her merciless hard whip, facesitting him,
relentlessly uses sex toys until he is satisfied, forces him to eat a large amount of feces and urine, and brutalizes Ron’s body. Is it torn to shreds?

File Size: 1.4 GB

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