VoyeurJapanTV vjt17208 6-def-1 WIGS AND FISHNETS

It’s hard getting attention on the busy sidewalks of Japan, but these girls in black fishnets, wigs and costumes are certainly trying. Pastel nurse wear gives them a prim and proper appearance, but their sexy long wigs and hot black pantyhose are a sexy tease. Under the booty tops of their pantyhose you can see their tight white panties.
A schoolgirl has free samples to hand out, but picking them up from their box on the sidewalk is no easy feat when the wind rustles up your pleated plaid skirt to show your pristine little panties. Two worn-out girlies in navy outfits sit at a bench sipping juice, unaware that their skirts don’t cover any of the tight patterned panties that strain across their feminine crotches.
Two anime-themed girls in pastel wigs and long gauntlets try to offer cards to men walking by, and every encounter has them bending forward just a bit too much for modesty. Their lean firm butts are packed into tight little panties that give the guys a sweet thrill as they pass behind.

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Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:16:24


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