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In a parkside playground a horny maiden is already rubbing her crotch against the bumpy handles of a climbing station. Her long chestnut hair falls into her face as she grinds her pelvis into the hard knobs. She’s happy and relieved to see the cameraman, the first available man to help her get off on this cool cloudy afternoon. She pulls down her top and spreads her legs as he pinches her nipples and grinds his hand into her crotch. She greedily drags down her panties and opens the soft lips of her pussy to his probing fingers. She yowls like an alleycat as he speeds up and rams his digit into her wet sticky snatch. the flowing juices leave a wet trail across the playground as pearly cream leaks out everywhere. She tries to catch her breath, collect her purse and retrieve her panties. Smoothing her skirt she ambles off, finally satisfied.

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