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A thirtyish beauty sits on a brick step, rises as she beckons toward the cameraman. Bold and fearless, she hikes her blouse and bra to show off her sweet little titties. He reaches out to twiddle her nipples and she squeals with delight. but this sweetie has more to show as she drops her undies and plays with her fuzzy little pussy. He joins in and gets three fingers into her honey-dripping snatch. Her body buzzes and rocks against the heavenly movement and she starts shrieking with excitement. Her sticky juices coat his hand and splash against the sidewalk below. Not your average day for a walk in the park? As she grabs her purse and walks off, the pavement is suspiciously drenched for such a clear sunny day.
A lithe, slender lovely in frilly sundress giggles as our camera guy lowers the straps and lets her boobies pop out into the open sunshine. He caresses each titty then reaches under her dress to rub her mounded pussy. She pulls back the waistband so he can dive his hand in and work his fingers into her hungry snatch. Her juicy goodness overflows and splashes through the air as he smacks his hand against her moist, insatiable pussy.

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A sultry young sexpot waves hi from her park bench, where she sits in short shorts and a loose-fitting top. It’s so easy for her to pull open the elastic top and give us a nice view of her cleavage. She wriggles out of the shorts and lies there in tartan plaid panties, then shimmies out of them as well to play with her hot little pussy. The cameraman can’t resist using his middle finger to give her a thrill right there in the public park as her titties jiggle with each thrust. The juicy smacking sound lets us know she’s a squirter and full of sticky ladylube. She groans as her liquids leak out to drench his palm and coat his probing finger. She drizzles out ounces of juice that splatter all over the planks of the bench below her tight little ass. She wanders off dizzily.
A pretty maid beckons us along the overgrown path where she walks, and unbuttons her denim blouse to let her boobies get some fresh air and sunshine. The cameraman is mesmerized by her firm pointed nipples and flicks them between thumb and forefinger. He reaches down to massage the fuzzy bulge under her panties and she begins moaning softly. A moist little stripe between her legs shows she enjoys the attention and she happily lets him finger her snatch. As he works it into her with a wet churning sound, her love juice splashes the sand, wets his hand and runs down his arm. Stepping away from her puddle she straightens her skirt and gingerly walks away.

File Size: 618 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:15:15


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