A pretty college girl chats with the cameraman, who presents her with a small plastic phallus to play with. She begins by gently stroking it, then gives a tentative lick. it must taste great because she goes after it like it’s made of white chocolate. Sucking, licking, flicking her tongue across, it’s definitely indulging all her oral fantasies.
Now she’s holding the base and sucking it to the root, stopping only to smile and catch her breath. her hair bobs as she glances into the camera for our approval. With those skills, she’s got it!
The next young lady is a bit older and has long straight hair. Her phallus is thicker and ridged along the shaft. She deftly works her mouth over every ridge and bump, then pulls it out to giggle and smile into the camera. When she gets closer to the root, she moans and closes her eyes, totally caught up in the moment. Just when she must be imagining she’s sucking down a real dick, she catches herself and giggles. With a smooth little kiss on the dickhead, she leans back and declares this session finished.

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A pretty, put-together girl comes home and takes off her office jacket as she checks her phone messages. Cherry-pink lips stand out against the harsh black and white of her skirt and blouse. She unbuttons her sleeve cuffs and opens the cleavage of the constricting blouse. Finally her big round boobies can get some air and freedom.
Softly squeezing both nipples between thumb and forefinger of each hand, she sighs with pleasure. Pulse racing, she reaches into her skirt with both hands, pulls down pantyhose and white lacy panties. The downy black hairs of her bush tickle against her palm. Alternating between breasts and pussy, her excitement rises and she squirms on the floor. Leaned back against the cabinets beneath the sink, she feels a boneshaking orgasm rumble through, then slowly begins pulling her clothes back on into some sort of order.

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Duration: 00:12:28


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