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A serious young lady turns all smiles when she hears what the cameraman asks. She kneels before him as he sits with a small plastic cock popping out of his fly. He small pink tongue darts around the head, then she sucks down a tiny taste, as though it were a popsicle. Getting into the mood, she holds it with one hand and worshipfully bobs her head down onto the hard dildo. After a few minutes of “blowing” it, she seems struck by the absurdity and leans back to giggle and smile.
A second, schoolgirl-type babe in rosy pink sweater nibbles and kisses the bigger veiny phallus, holds her open mouth against it and slowly takes it in. Her long hair brushes the cameraman’s pant legs as she earnestly goes down on the big plastic cock, pushes her pouting lips against it. Finally, she speeds up and tries to blow it and jack it off, with no particular success of course. She giggles.

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