PissJapanTV pjt25307 6-def-1 WET UNDIES IRRIGATION

We’re in a green open meadow cut through by one paved road. A squeaky voiced maiden in white blouse and plaid skirt protests lamely when we hit her up to show her panties and get them wet with her piss. She pauses in the middle of a bridge and whimpers as pee soaks her panties. She squirms, mortified to let us have a look at her hiked up skirt and drenched undies, but addles along with piss raining down onto the damp lane below.

A slender lass in blue flowered underwear is less reticent, hikes up the back of her navy skirt as she casually saunters down her street. She squats alongside and pisses her pretty pants. We see her strong butt muscles roll from side to side as we get to inspect the wet results of her handiwork. She ducks into a garage to finish her hard-earned piss.

File Size: 618 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:15:15


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