PissJapanTV pjt 25309-2-def-1 PEEPEE IN THE PLAYGROUND Spy Camera

A pretty Asian playgirl wanders through an empty park. She yanks down her blouse and bra to play with her titties, searching for a secluded spot. A playground with a trio of weird bumpy climbing jacks catches her attention and her fancy. She straddles one and rubs her crack into the black rubbery bumps that protrude all over the plaything’s surface. Her helping hand gives her pussy just what she needs to get her excitement going at full throttle.

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A beautiful Japanese miss strolls the streets in a striped skirt, looking for a place to give her poon a pat. She leads us to a rooftop with lots of fun pipes and railings to ride that pussy on. A warm hot water pipe snakes out from its concrete insulation and looks so tempting to our horny honey. She backs into a 90 degree elbow that prods her crack just right. A plastic pipe down below is perfect to straddle and grind into. She shushes us when she hears someone on the stairs below.

But that doesn’t stop a sex-starved huntress. When you’re pleasing an itchy clit, every surface looks tempting for a tryout. Finally her panties come down and her wet hot slit gets full friction. She’s getting ready to blow, but is there something more, ready to shoot? Her spasming snatch drools out a steady stream of luscious peepee. When she sees the hot puddle on the roof, she giggles and hides her face.

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The walls of this restroom are spic and span clean with sparkling white tile. But the rough ragged edges of the ladies’ room stalls add a little dick-tickling bit of rough tawdriness. This is the place where hot little Asian beauties come in when their bladders are bursting with hot juicy pee. These sweet Japanese honeys won’t notice a piece of cloth barely hiding a sneaky voyeur and his all-seeing camera set up in the adjacent stall.

We catch the most private moments when the panties come down, the women squat over the floor basin, and the sweet salty piss sprays out of their slits. And right at that moment we shine a soft white light to illuminate the shadows that cover their dark furry poons. Lit up and in sharp focus there’s no mystery or mistaking-the wet hot spray comes spurting out of a gorgeous lady slit in a steamy splash against the cold steel in the floor below. See every lush thick curve of buttocks and crack as these desperate dolls splatter their showers and stand up to go about their daily tasks. You’ll be so glad you got to watch!

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Duration: 00:10:54

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