PissJapanTV pjt 25309-10-def-1 FRILLS AND THRILLS IN THE PAR… Spy Camera

A longhaired Japanese Lolita in bedazzled ponytail takes us up a concrete stairway to the park. But first she stops along the way to hump the black metal railing, frilly skirt and ruffled sailor top pulled safely up and out of the way. Her powder pink panties don’t provide much friction, but she wants a smoother ride.

Our sweet silly babe moves on to a wooden bannister in the lookout tower. She unceremoniously yanks down her undies and revels in the sensation of furry snatch against smooth polished walnut. Her hot wet pussy gives the slick glide she needs to push her over the edge to orgasm. When it rocks her body, a sharp spurt of peepee shoots out, drizzles off the railing and collects in a puddle on the floor. Seeing the mess she’s made, she gives an innocent look and shows off her pretty pelt to us.

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Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:12:50

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