PissJapanTV pjt 23339-11-def-1 PISS UP A LADDER Spy Camera

Before she can finish the piss she scurried off to accomplish, a pretty Asian woman is tied up in the bathroom. Fortunately she’s right over the floor drain and lets her bladder relax and leak out a quart of hot pee. Unfortunately her white jeans are wet with piss stains.

Then a short-haired Japanese lovely is subjected to the same shameful treatment. She’s bound and standing on a ledge with nowhere to piss but the concrete underneath her. It runs down her pant legs to splatter her ankles and pretty shoes.

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It’s a ridiculous trick that left our pretty Japanese office clerk standing on a high wallside ladder, tied like the heroine of an old movie melodrama. But there’s no onrushing train and no dashing hero to rescue her, just a hard-pounding bladder full of hot piss and nowhere to let it splash out.

Angry as she tries to free herself, the pissed off babe stops trying to save the embarrassment of pissing in public. Her jeans down and white panties out for everyone to see, she leans back as far as her wristbands allow. A stream of steamy piss shoots from her crotch, soaking her undies as it splashes to the cement deck below.

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Duration: 00:07:01

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